Preventive Dentistry Adelaide

At The Dental Studio we focus on prolonging your oral health

Our preventive care and maintenance treatments are designed to ensure your teeth remain with you for life.

Prevention and hygiene are both key to optimal oral health, which is why we encourage our patients to maintain a regular active maintenance schedule with their The Dental Studio practitioner, while also performing proper care at home. We believe in regular hygiene appointments, and recommend patients visit us every six months, so as to identify any potential issues before they become too advanced and cause serious problems.

Our practitioners can help you to understand the best ways to maintain the health of your mouth between visits, helping you to achieve a healthy and clean tooth surface, and prevent further damage. You will be provided with an at-home care schedule to help you maintain optimum hygiene, and the health of your smile

At The Dental Studio our preventive dentistry treatments focus on identifying, assessing and treating dental issues such as:

  • Decay
  • Early signs of periodontal disease
  • Oral cancers
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth grinding
  • Gingivitis

At The Dental Studio we offer a Preventive Care Programme which is tailored to suit your individual needs. The Dental Studio also provides services including:

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